Raycast Media

We realize that Raycast was the beating heart of many teams media creations. We want to thank everyone who worked with us, trusted us, and inspired us to keep going for so long. We have now closed and are no longer taking new orders. Raycast always has been and always will be a collection of talented render artists from around the community. We have (with their permission) put a link to their portfolio and contact details should you wish to commission them in the future.

Thank you to everyone who trusted us with your projects over the years, inspired us, and pushed us to be the best we could be.

If you wish to join our community of artists and art lovers, join our discord (you can post jobs directly in there too!)

Render Artists


Discord: Timothy C. #6905

Twitter: @Kryiie

Location: United Kingdom


Discord: FahdTRCYT#6186

Twitter: @Fahd_TRC

Location: Pakistan


Discord: LucasOe#0380

Twitter: @_LucasOe_

Location: Germany


Discord: Immanuel#7777

Twitter: @Immanulll

Location: Denmark

Omar de Gante

Discord: omardegante#9708

Twitter: @omardegante11

Location: Mexico


Discord: Nori #9139

Twitter: @NeonEliteMiner

Location: Algeria



Discord: Chaz#3308

Twitter: @driftingawaynow

Location: United States


Jake Patao

Discord: KouPenguin#3432

Twitter: N/A

Location: United States